Monday, September 16, 2013

What We've Been Up To

Even though it is the end of summer when weekends seem to fill up sooner than ever many of us have been busy sewing up a storm! We even had a great turn-out at our latest sew-in.

Prior to the sew in Lucinda finished up this monster of a quilt. Below is the front of the quilt.

This "monster" is over 100" square - making it the perfect king size quilt! The design is her own and she completed all of the quilting herself!

Michele showed the group one of her latest WIPs during the last meeting. We were all impressed with her idea of appliqueing music notes on fabric.

And her end result is even better than I imagined! Unfortunately we won't be able to see these mini beauties in person - they are already on their way to new homes.

Jenn has also been very busy the month of August. Last month she showed the guild her WIP quilt front and back.

Both the quilt front and back are original designs and the background fabric is Essex linen. Linen is great to work with - but makes the quilt (especially a queen size) heavy!

I mentioned earlier that the guild met a few weekends ago to have a sew-in day. We met early afternoon and before long it was time to go!

Karen along with Jenn (photographer du jour) spent the beginning of the day sitting and relaxing. Ok ok, really Karen was looking for inspiration for her next quilt while Jenn worked on some hand sewing.

Michele was busy cutting and sewing up the beginning of her next baby quilt.

Cheryl also was busy cutting up fabric. I can't wait to see her fabric all sewn up into a grand quilt top!

Lucinda was busy playing hostess along with making up potholders she promised to Karen.

I wonder how I could get her to make me some potholders!? :) And here is a picture of Karen laying out her fabric. She was hit with a lightening bolt of inspiration and couldn't wait to get started on her next quilt!

I think it is safe to say we had a ton of fun sewing, chatting (lots of chatting!), and eating. We hope you can join us at our next sew-in scheduled for October 6th. More info to follow but I've heard a rumor about a hand quilting tutorial by the queen bee herself, Michele!

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  1. I had such fun having everyone at my house and look forward to next time. It is so great to be with other creative women - the encouragement, ideas, and practical help are immense. Ok Jenn -- and what color scheme of potholders will work for you?